Moving on…

Well, it’s no secret that the relationship between WSBA (Washington State Beekeepers Association) and WMB (Washington Master Beekeepers) is not on good terms. In general, WMB holds no ill-will toward WSBA and wishes to move forward on its own. Unfortunately, the same can not be said of WSBA. You may have read some recent statements in the WSBA May Newsletter from the WSBA president regarding illegally obtained data and infringement on intellectual property, likewise more claims regarding legal action have been made. Let me address these claims and put them to rest.

1) WMB is not in possession of any materials or property from WSBA. This includes data, booklets, copyrighted material, or physical equipment. These items were surrendered in their entirety last July out of courtesy to WSBA. Additionally, all private copies were deleted as requested.

2) While it’s true that WSBA is still attempting to pursue legal action, WMB (through its legal counsel) has responded to each of the claims and we consider each matter to be fully addressed and closed.

It saddens me that WSBA has stooped to the level of misrepresenting this organization and its officers over what seems to be some kind of personal issue on the part of its president. If any more news continues on this front, I’ll be sure to address it here.

Additionally, WSBA is claiming full credit for the Prison Education program. For those instructors associated with WMB, and teaching the WMB curriculum inside the WA prison system, rest assured that Washington Master Beekeepers recognizes your efforts.

For now, WMB is moving _forward_ with all the work before it. Hopefully, having to look backward is no longer necessary.

Bob Combs

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