The following materials are available for instructors.

Progress Forms:

The standard Apprentice Progress Form is as follows: 2017 Apprentice Progress Form WSMB

As noted on the Journeyman Page, the requirements are currently in flux, and may vary from club-to-club. The following progress form is based on the SVB (Snoqualmie Valley Beekeepers) version of the journeyman requirements. Watch the news section for developments as the Journeyman Requirements begin to coalesce as more clubs provide input.
2017 Journeyman Progress Form WMB

The following is the standard Apprentice Test. This test is not yet based on the new booklet being written. Once the booklet is complete a new test that more closely follows the book will be provided. Watch the News section.

The following is the new Apprentice Booklet. It is still a work in progress, so stay tuned as more work is completed. As of this writing, all chapters are now complete, but it’s still in need of some serious editing. Free for use in all WMB sanctioned classes.
Apprentice Booklet – October 2017 Revision