The Journeyman Certification has the following goals:

  • Breadth and depth of knowledge of bees and beekeeping.
  • Ability to mentor and teach other beekeepers.
  • Able to give presentations to groups of both beekeepers and non-beekeepers on beekeeping.
  • Contributes service to the beekeeping community.

Currently, the Journeyman Certification requirements are under review, and there are several overlapping but competing models. One such model is listed below. If your organization wishes to create its own, it may as long as it meets or exceeds the goals listed above. Once Washington Master Beekeepers (WMB) has a critical-mass of proposals from organizations we will coalesce those ideas into a more standard set of requirements. Other Journeyman Certifications have not been very successful in the past, and WMB feels strongly that a more grass-roots approach to developing the Journeyman requirements is the way to go.

Sample Journeyman Certification Program.

Specific Objectives:

  • Develop and implement your own Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.
  • Demonstrate hive and bee yard management Spring, Summer and Fall.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of spits, and combines.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of queen rearing and requeening.
  • Maintain a detailed colony inspection log for one or more hives
  • Develop a presentation on a topic of choice.


  • Must be a certified Apprentice Beekeeper from an approved program
  • Must have 3 summers experience as a Beekeeper
  • Must be a member of a local beekeeping association.

Requirements – 200 points from the following (R specifies required):

  • Attend a Journeyman Class – 40pts.
  • Enter a hive product in an interstate/state/county fair – 10pts
  • Enter an educational display at a fair – 10pts
  • Produce Comb honey – 10pts
  • R- Raise a queen from eggs/larva to mated laying queen – 10pts
  • Harvest pollen using Pollen trap or Propolus using Propolus trap – 10pts
  • R – Teach one subject of interest at a local beekeeping meeting concerning bees -10pts
  • R – Host a field day, or apiary instruction in an apiary – 10pts
  • R – Keep a journal for 1 year – 10pts
  • R – Develop a pest management (IPM) program for your apiary – 10pts
  • Split or combine a colony – 10pts
  • R – Overwinter a colony – 10pts
  • Produce a colony capable of overwintering on foundationless frames – 10pts
  • Produce a colony capable of overwintering in a top-bar hive – 10pts
  • Produce nucs for overwintering – 10pts
  • Catch a swarm and raise the colony to be capable of overwintering – 10pts
  • Perform a cut-out and raise the colony to be capable of overwintering – 10pts

Service Hours: must do 5 instances from the list below. No more than 2 for each item.

  • Work a shift at a club booth.
  • Serve as a judge at a fair.
  • Give a presentation on beekeeping to a group of non-beekeepers.
  • Mentor a new beekeeper for the summer
  • Serve as an officer or committee member in a Beekeeping organization
  • Assist in a 4H or other youth program.
  • Teach a class on beekeeping
  • Provide one-on-one instruction to a group of beekeepers
  • Publish an article in a newsletter or beekeeping journal